The R&D Department at Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Experiment with Google Drive Powered Newsletters

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), just like its other tech counterparts such as Twitter and Facebook, is also now dabbling in the newsletter market. The company’s research and development department, known as Area 120, has launched a new project dubbed Museletter. This project will allow users to publish Google Drive files as newsletters or blogs to an email list or their public profile on Museletter. These efforts would be repurposing the document-creation tools that already exist on the Google platform and using them to compete with other more common newsletter platforms, such as Revue, Ghost, Substack and so on, which have an ever-increasing audience.

Android Police and 9to5Google are the first ones who spotted Google’s experiment.

Senior Management

A spokesperson from Area 120, when approached for comments on the project refused to give details about Museletter. All they said is that the experiment was one of many that were being done in Area 120 and that it is still very early stages. But, from the Museletter site, there’s already a lot that people can learn about this upcoming project. The website tells people how creators can monetize Google Drive in ways that would allow the newsletter project by Google to be different from the already existing competition out there. Not only can you write a newsletter in the form of a Google Doc, you’ll also be allowed to use other productivity applications to share information with readers.

For instance, someone who creates a newsletter can offer paid subscription plans that will allow the reader to access their Google Slides. Likewise, creators who write finance content will be able to publish helpful Google Sheet spreadsheets, which their subscribers can access at any time.

Museletter publishers can make this possible by first creating a public profile on Google Drive and then publishing Google Drive files directly to it. This will then act like a landing page where users can showcase their publicly accessible Google Drive files and use it to market the subscriptions they have available.

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