SEAN HANNITY: If there is a default, it will be Joe Biden’s default

Sean Hannity ripped President Biden’s alleged repeated refusal to come to a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the debt ceiling as the deadline approached on “Hannity.’


SEAN HANNITY: All eyes are on the Biden White House, where Joe is still refusing to come to terms on a debt ceiling that is, well, pretty imminent. According to Democrats, the sky is falling. The American economy and the world’s economy is about to collapse. And it’s all Kevin McCarthy’s fault when in fact it’s anything but Kevin McCarthy’s fault. So why didn’t Democrats care so deeply about this issue over 100 days ago when Speaker McCarthy was all but begging the White House – you know, weekly, monthly., day after day – to sit down and negotiate this.

That week after week, month after month. The White House has been, stonewalling and Kevin McCarthy. They completely ignored him over and over and over and over again, and they refused to answer the phone. And according to Democrats, there would be no negotiations. It was our way or the highway.

 It was their way or the highway. Here’s the timeline. Now, the facts are absolutely on Kevin McCarthy time. And by the way, these are facts that the abuse of biased, corrupt media mob will never give you. Now, four months ago, on January 13th, the White House press secretary proudly announced there would be no negotiations, as you just heard, on January 20th. Speaker McCarthy reached out in earnest to begin these talks. Well, they refused over and over and over again.

 In April, McCarthy delivered a dire message warning that a default was near. Well, that warning also fell on deaf ears. And then on April the 20th, with no other option, the House Republicans, they did their job and they passed a Limit, Save, Grow Act, which raised the debt ceiling and cut spending in a responsible way simply by returning to 2022 spending levels. 

That’s hardly Draconian and capping growth future growth to only 1%. And the CBO scored that bill at a very respectable and very responsible $4.8 trillion in savings. Now, of course, this came as a shock to most Democrats. They didn’t believe that the Republicans could ever come together. They were betting McCarthy would fail. They bet wrong. 

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