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Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) – Strong Portfolio Aid To Growth

Boston, MA 10/22/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE), is a research based biopharmaceutical company. They operate in different segments. The company’s diversified portfolio includes animal, human, biologic, vaccine, and small molecule, as well as consumer healthcare and nutritional products.

Pfizer’s shareholders have witnessed an appreciation in the share’s value by around 11% which signifies the company’s steady performance and growth in their core business activities. Pfizer has been doing commendable work in their market. The stock has witnessed an appreciation of 60% in the last two years, thereby making it one of the leading drug manufacturers.

The company has continued to invest heavily in research and development activities, which has attracted the investor’s interest. The investment in research and development has made it possible for the company to acquire many profitable patents, which have allowed it to maintain a steady flow of royalties. Pfizer present revelation indicates that, it had received the FDA approval for the DUAVEETM 0.45MG/20MG. The drugs have been tested and found to be ideal for the treatment of severe vasomotor symptoms. The said drug is anticipated to be available in the 1Q of2014.

Pfizer has constantly occupied itself in strategies of research and development in launching of new drugs in order to give support to their revenue growth. Post the declaration of the drug approval, Pfizer show remarkable improvement on its stock performance, and on the anticipation company performance will improve further.

Given the pipeline of new drugs and constant stream of royalties, it is believed that the company revenue growth rate is likely to grow by double digits and would help enhancing the overall performance.

The only drawback which this biopharmaceutical company has is the constant risk it faces pertaining to the volatility in foreign currency. Huge volatility in foreign currency has impacted company revenue in 2Q of 2103 by $400 million.

Published by Van Bettauer

Van Bettauer is a financial aficionado from Vancouver, British Columbia. He currently studies at UBC, pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree. Van has been freelance writing for many years, specializing in copywriting, report writing and article writing. The combination of his scientific studies and writing experience brings a new and fresh perspective to the financial world. Visit Bettauer's Google+ page at the following address:

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