Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ : FB) Update its Privacy Policy, But It will Not Change How it Collects Data

Meta Platforms Inc  (NASDAQ : FB) has rewritten its privacy policy but indicated that it would not change the ways it collects data. The corporation, previously recognized as Facebook, has released a new modification of its Terms of Service and amended its privacy policy, as it does on occasion. The former Facebook Data Policy has been renamed Meta’s Privacy Policy, and it has been changed “to make it easier to understand and reflect the latest products we offer.”

Facebook is not changing the way it collects data 

The company is not collecting, sharing, or using user data in new ways following the policy update. The company insists that it still doesn’t sell personal data. Instead, it has tweaked the language and offered more examples to help users grasp what every section is all about.

After reviewing the revised policy and contrasting it with the previous one, it appears that this is still valid. Electronic Privacy Information Center senior counsel, John Davisson, told The Verge that Meta’s promise that, as per the new policy, they won’t share user data seems good, but the challenge is that the company already funnels client data at a large scale to a huge targeted ad ecosystem. As a result status quo isn’t good for privacy.

Meta is trying to make its policies straightforward 

Meta has attempted to make the policies straightforward on multiple occasions in the past few years (for example, in 2014 and 2018), and the layout might just do the greatest job thus far, but it could help Meta more than it helps consumers comprehend what they are consenting to. For example, giving examples helps avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations of rules, such as the issue with Instagram’s terms and conditions update in 2012, when users feared the service might start selling everybody’s images.

The new policy affects Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and other Meta products, but not Workplace, WhatsApp, Messenger Kids, or Quest devices that are not connected to the Facebook account. Meta is also introducing new Audience Controls on Facebook, which allow you to choose who sees your posts.

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