LAURA INGRAHAM: Whatever happened to hope and change?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explained how the Democratic Party has deteriorated over the past few years on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: This party has gone insane. Now, Democrats used to pride themselves on being the working-class party. But somewhere along the way, they decided to sell out to Wall Street and give the shaft to Main Street. These Bush-style Democrats became the Forever War Party, and they bought off the progressive silence by promising to also go to war with conservatives at home. Remember how they laughed at Mitt Romney in 2012 when he warned about Russia’s reemergence? And now they have us bogged down in a proxy war against Russia that Ukraine is not winning. Their people used to protest in cities like Seattle against the World Trade Organization, and now they bow down to the WTO and support all sorts of obscene, lopsided trade deals. 


Now, this has given a huge advantage to foreign countries and led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs. And of course, look, a working-class party can’t also be an open borders party, which is precisely what the Democrats have become. Business? We know they want cheap labor, and activists believe a migrant influx is key to changing America away from its stubborn patriotism and all that old traditionalism stuff. So talk to legal immigrants today. I have. And they’ll tell you that they feel like the Biden administration values illegals over them and their contributions. In a few moments, we’re going to tell you how Biden’s fanatics are planning an even greater assault on our sovereignty. 

Now, none of this leads to greater prosperity. And the Democrats? They know it. That’s why they work with Facebook and with Twitter to bury dissent during the 2020 election. And why they’re desperate now to keep TikTok going despite its ties to China. They don’t care about that. Now, why should Biden campaign at all in 2024 when he has Big Tech doing it for him? And why answer questions at all? The press used to complain about presidents who hide from their questions, but most hold their tongues here to shield Biden. 

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