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Images of Fascination Paints a Dire Picasso for Investors (FBCD)

When you entitle your company Images of Fascination, the world wants something more tangible. The investment world requires more. When you entitle your company Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), it still takes 30 years and the development of the iPod. People will argue, ad nauseam, not only the fruit in question in the Garden of Eden, but also the date of the earth. In the case of Apple, however, they chose something that conjured up the idea of a beginning: the fruit of life, God’s anger, or at least something that possesses visible seeds if you get too greedy in your healthy (?) snacking.

Images of Fascination just doesn’t do that. It suggests that you are capable of being fascinated. It suggests that people like vague when spending their hard-earned dollars on a potential investment. It essentially tells people that we know better in an election year when investors are tightening their belts in anticipation of the unknown.

Images of Fascination is a project of Jay Sincere’s, an artist recently touted and announced by FBC Holding (OTC: FBCD). His work is promised to bring something fresh to one of FBC’s newest products in the extreme sports vein.

There is an inherent trust given to holding companies. If you can grasp it, can’t you also just let it go? In theory, cutting or dropping seems easier than reaching, grabbing, buying and retaining.

FBC holdings dropped 30% today. Not 31%, not 29%. A round number. Fascinating image. Trading opened at $0.0011, spiked to $0.0014 before seeing $0.0010 in a mere 10 minute’s time. From there, it looked like a simpleton or small child using a protractor for the first time if you were to view its chart. Mercifully, the stock closed at $0.0007 with nearly 130 million shares traded.

FBC and Images of Fascination no longer need joint press releases. On the contrary, they need to stop.

On July 8, 2012, FBC suggested the following: “We feel that by catering to the artist and all their endeavors, be it toys, apparel, traditional art, etc, that we will provide a platform that today does not exist, and more importantly additional revenues to our company.” The stock dropped 8%.

During a board member search?

Its stock reached a new level of investor head-scratching while concurrently falling on August 15 when this was released, “As new directions and opportunities have presented themselves to the company, we’re focused on building the right oversight team for moving ahead,” said a spokesman for FBC. “We feel by bringing in these board members with years of experience will enable the company to bring in new products and bring its existing products quickly to market and to generate sales.”

Perhaps the stock simply lost value based on its PR guy/woman releasing something that was in true need of a possessive pronoun. That being said, artists are rarely grammarians.

The point is there, as you know, is little rhyme or reason to any of this. FBC is not simply…Images of Fascination, nor is Jay Sincere responsible for a sizable price drop of a stock and company he has only just begun lending his work and expertise to.

Images of Fascination, and by proxy FBC Holdings, is hoping to cash in on the largest growing segment of sport: extreme sports. Can they make this a reality?

FBC’s stock remains a mystery. One way or the other, it will continue to move. Get yourself on the correct side and let WallStreetPR know what happened. It’s too difficult for this site to guess, WallStreetPR reports.





Published by Brendan Byrne

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