Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Playing Favorite in its Various Avatars

Steve Hackney - July 31, 2014

Boston, MA 07/31/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) along with seven other global automakers is working with utility companies and Electric Power Research institute to enable the plug-in electric vehicle users to interact with energy providers. The cloud technology based software that would be developed would help power suppliers to run an efficient and balanced power grid by procuring real time data on vehicle energy levels of plug-in vehicle owners. Owners of plug-in vehicles are encouraged to enroll in the program with financial incentives. Real time data sharing is both win-win situation for both the users of the vehicles and power supplying utilities.

Dealerships Playing their Role Well

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is getting ready to roll out its brand new models that offer innovative technology and high fuel efficiency by providing information on same to the dealerships. For instance, Grande Ledge Ford, a dealership in Michigan, is taking latest information from Ford and putting it up on its website. Such information would be very valuable to the customers who would like to do some homework before deciding on the kind of Ford model to purchase. With variety in inventory of the new Ford cars, customers are encouraged to visit the dealership website for vital information.

Ford is Favorite on Campus

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Focus models form 90 percent of the Zipcar fleet in the Universities of the U.S. Zipcar’s university programs give round the clock access of cars to students, staff and faculty instead of them owning a vehicle. This system of Zipcars removes the burden of owning and operating a car on campus. The lower hourly and daily rates of using the Zipcar suite the budget of most university students and staff. Ford in alliance with Zipcar offers $10 off on annual membership fees of $35 for the first 100K new university member enrollments.

Assisting the Southeast Michigan

The Ford and Detroit Lions, Inc. have joined hands to assist the Meet Up and Eat Up program in Detroit. The effort would focus on education of Detroit community towards health and nutrition. The program would continue into fall at Eastern Market of Detroit with active participation from Detroit players and alumni. Thought out the season of the program Detroit Lions and Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) would be present participating in more than 60 activates organized by Playworks Detroit. With this participation, Ford looks to strengthen its commitment towards its customers and mitigate food security problems in southeast Michigan.

Steve Hackney

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