Coke Death Could Slash Sparkling Drinks Expansion, KO

Boston, MA 02/13/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Considering a coroners claim that a 31 year old COKE addict died of drinking Coca Cola; it is no wonder, the Coca-Cola company (NYSE:KO) that announced last results for F.Y. 2012 yesterday, attributed most of the growth in its North American region’s revenues, to the health drinks  line.

According to the Coroner who died the post mortem on Natasha Hariss’ corpse, her body was suffering from potassium deficiency and her tooth decay from the regular intake of sprinkling drink from Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) .

The company sells two types of beverages; SPARKLING (carbonated NARTD) drinks and STILL ((non carbonated NARTDs, including teas, sports drinks and juices).

According to its recently released financial results, volumes for Sparkling drinks line declined by 2% in the North America while its still drinks volume advanced there by 8% in the last quarter of 2012. Also in Europe, the sparkling water sales decreased, volume was low by 5% compared to the Q4 of 2011.

The company does not disclose figures or volumes at country level for each of its host countries, excluding some exceptional changes.

Volume of sparkling beverages (carbonated NARTDs) declined in the North America and Europe. The Latin American saw a hike of 3% in the Carbonated NARTDs volume. Pacific regions’ volumes advanced on the whole. In Philippines overall volume grew 6% while in China the Carbonated NARTDs helped the company gain a 2:1 advance over competing brands.

Hariss family had previously told that she was used to excessive intake of Coca-Cola, a habit that had worsened to the extent of an addiction. Thirty year old Hariss’ body would start to shake involuntarily if she did not get her desired amount of COKE, her family and friends confirmed.

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:COKE) denied the allegations against its products saying consumption of the company’s flagship product Coca Cola could not have caused her death.

A court in Washington allowed the plaintiff of a product liability lawsuit against Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW), to re-lodge his complaint on amended grounds of “emotional distress over being served contaminated food”after the initial product liability charges were dismissed by a state court. The DNA test of the burger bite proved the saliva traced back to an employee who served the plaintiff when he visited the fast food outlet in Vancouver.

With orders like the one passed in a Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE: BKW)‘s spit on the burger case, there is a strong chance that news of Hariss’ death brings the Coca-Cola Inc (NYSE:KO) more than just bad name.

The shares of Coca-Cola Inc (NYSE:KO) were down by 1.04% and currently trading at $37.18. The shares of Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW) were down by 1.16% and currently trading at $16.20.

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