Cellceutix Announces Commencement of Clinical Trials for Anti-Cancer Drug Kevetrin (CTIX)

Cellceutix (OTC: CTIX) has just made a positive announcement for its shareholders who will be happy to know that the company is all set to start clinical trials for its novel anti-cancer drug Kevetrin. The announcement was made earlier in the day, and the clinical trials will be undertaken at the Harvard Cancer Center’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Cellceutix is expecting the actual trials to start within three weeks from today.

The clinical protocol pertaining to the anti-cancer drug was changed on September 4, 2012, and the new requirement for approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) has now been met. After the meeting that granted the approval for the trails at the respective institutes, the company is expecting activation of the process, including recruitment, enrolling and adequate dosing, to start soon.

Miracle Drug Kevetrin

Kevetrin is being touted as the new miracle drug in the cancer treatment market and it has the potential to be a major breakthrough drug for the treatment of cancer and solid tumors. P53, or the Guardian Angel Gene, is affected by Kevetrin’s unique formula and action. The mutant types of P53 are the cancer-causing cells and Kevetrin works by annihilating them. Not only has the drug found use in killing the wild cancerous growth of P53, it has also shown reasonable prospects of actually reinstating the protective function of the protein.

Cellceutix Corporation

Cellceutix is a publicly traded company trading on the OTC markets as a high-volume penny stock. It is currently one of the most actively traded companies in the over the counter market. Based out of Beverly, Massachusetts, Cellceutix is bio-pharmaceutical company to be reckoned with. Its primary focus lies in discovering and developing small molecule drugs that can be used to treat difficult and highly complex diseases like cancer and psoriasis.

Market Movement

As far as this penny stock goes, Cellceutix has shown one of the highest percentage gains in the OTC market as of mid-day trading on September 24, 2012. The share price opened at $0.845 per share and closed at $1.17 per share, which is an increase of $0.32. In terms of percentage increases, the share price has grown at the rate of 38% in real time. Over the last three months, shares of the company have traded at an average volume of 204,642 while its 52-week range has been between $0.85 and $0.30.

Other Penny Stocks

Pristine Solutions (OTC: PRTN) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Eaton Scientific, are into developments of non-hormonal treatments for hot flashes in menopausal women. The company is currently one of the high volume penny stocks and is priced at $0.4869. On the other hand, Tesoro Enterprises (OTC: TSNP) is another penny stock company that is currently trading at $0.0002 per share. The company deals with the retail distribution and installation of floor and wall covering materials.

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