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AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) Stages A Strong Fight Against Spam Calls

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) has unveiled a new feature called the AT&T Call Protect. The company exudes confidence in its latest feature, outlining that it will effectively fight against fake calls. It casts the blame on fraudsters, saying that they are always the ones behind those fake calls. It takes up the new initiative, vowing to block almost 1 billion spam calls a month. It admits the spam-swatting drive to be a costly undertaking but continues to exude confidence in the latest tool. 

Handling fake calls

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) says that blocking is one part of its intense efforts to deal with fake calls. The second way will be to label all the suspected calls and increase awareness among the network users. The users will be the ones to choose whether or not to pick those calls. 

The most impressive aspect about the change is that the product consumers don’t have to pay an extra dime to enjoy it. This company describes the feature as inbuilt in the wireless network. It also speaks out about the spam-swatting effort and where it is applicable. It says that it is applicable for both the average user and the businesses as well. 

The company comes out as rather aggressive

AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) seems rather vigilant in its undertakings. One way to look at its vigilance is to establish its global fraud team that has been somewhat helpful in most of its fraud fights. The STIR/SHAKEN program is also a top-notch technology that works effectively in spam detection and elimination. 

The company opines, “We are authenticating and verifying hundreds of millions of calls per day, including calls across our wireless network and calls exchanged with the two other leading US wireless providers. We’re also using data from STIR/SHAKEN to help us achieve high accuracy in our blocking and labeling.”

The company says that it will soon succeed at blocking twice the number of calls it has been blocking lately.