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Zoetis Inc (NYSE:ZTS) Includes The Second Director To Board As A Result of Its Deal With Pershing Square

Pershing Square has been in the news many a time over the past few weeks, and the latest of which seems to be the best one. As per the reports, it has convinced Zoetis Inc (NYSE:ZTS) to add another director to its board. In a recent announcement, Zoetis stated that it had added Paul Bisaro to the board as a result of its agreement deal with Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square.

Insights On The Matter:

The newly added director named Bisaro worked with Actavis Plc as the Executive Chairman and also rendered his services as the CEO of the company. The previous addition to the board was made in February when Zoetis Inc added William Doyle to its board. Doyle was one of the partners of Pershing Square Management. As soon as all the formalities are fulfilled, and Bisaro is added to company’s board formally, the total number of directors will elevate to eleven.

As soon as the announcement of Paul Bisaro’s appointment in its Board came out and hit the electronic, digital and print media, the shares of the company surged reasonably. It was a clear indication that the shareholders had liked this step of Zoetis Inc (NYSE:ZTS). Even though no one from the company came ahead and faced cameras, but experts consider it a brave step by the company. They think that it will have a long-term impact on the proceedings of the company.

Bisaro has been in the industry for many years now, and his expertise and forward-looking attitude will help Zoetis to move further and achieve newer heights in the future. He had a successful tenure at Actavis and helped the company in coming out the critical situations many a times. The management of Zoetis hopes that he will do the same at Zoetis as well. With this deal, Pershing Square has once again proved how dominantly it indulges with its partners and target companies.

Published by Alan Masterson

Alan has over 25 years of trading experience in the U.S. equity markets. He began his career in finance working on a program trading desk specializing in over-the-counter stocks. His career progressed from that point to his current position as senior trader on an institutional trading desk. In the evenings, Alan teaches economics at a local community college. He has contributed articles to various publications over the last six years, including feature articles for an economics magazine and various financial blogs. You may contact Alan via his email ([email protected]) or his Google+ page (

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