Zacks Analyst Look At The Future of Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE)

Zacks Analyst has placed Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) on the list of the most searched stock. This news is unsurprising as the company has performed well in recent months. Now investors wonder what the future is for the company.

Zacks Analyst gives investors an idea of what to expect. For example, analysts believe that the company could post an EPS of $1.73. Zacks has also changed its estimate to -1.9%. The analysts also believe that Pfizer might meet market expectations in the short term.

President Joe Biden plans to make Paxlovid available countywide

As a new COVID-19 variant increases hospitalisations and disease cases, President Joe Biden is trying to make the Pfizer Paxlovid pills available at pharmacies countrywide. Biden’s administration is also working on a plan to ensure the pill is available to anyone at risk of serious disease.

When Paxlovid was still in short supply, the government announced an initiative to ensure people get free treatment if they tested positive for COVID-19 at a healthcare facility. Any pharmacy interested in selling Paxlovid could order it directly from the government.

Pfizer and Valneva SE (NASDAQ: VALN) reported positive results from their study

Meanwhile, Valneva SE (NASDAQ: VALN) and Pfizer announced that they have positive findings from their phase II study for VLA15. The companies designed this vaccine to protect against Lyme disease in children. These results have encouraged the colonies to move on to phase III of the study.

They are waiting for Q3 2022 to start the trial on five and older patients. It will also test the vaccine on adults. The Phase II study evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of VLA15 in children aged 5 to 17. The researchers didn’t find any adverse effects with the vaccine.

According to Valneva’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Juan Carlos Jaramillo, children are more susceptible to Lyme disease as they spend more time outdoors. For this reason, the company opted to develop a vaccine to protect children from this disease. Fortunately, the trial results have been positive so far.

Other than VLA15, there is no other vaccine under development for Lyme disease. The vaccine’s action mechanism includes binding to the surface protein of the line disease-causing bacteria.

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