Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) Seeks New Location For Its Call Centre Jobs

Connecticut-based spin-off company of Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) has big ambitions part of includes moving of its call center. The company says that it intends to leave Webster the Rochester suburb to a neighboring town of Irondequoit. The operations as well as the company’s Four-hundred workers will be in a former retail store in a vacant mall

Rumor has it that the new move could result into 350 new jobs, hence it can only be viewed as growth. Given that renovation work at the former Macy’s store at the Medley Centre is on-going, the new call centre is expected to be up and operational sometime in the fall.

Xerox’s biggest business stride

Xerox, which has a history of 110-years of existence, announced one of its largest product launches in expectation of reviving the declining business. According to the company’s  CEO Jeff Jacobson, the launch of its 29-new multifunctional printers will make the company remain relative in a competitive industry.

He cites, “We are geared toward improving our efficiency and changing the way that we work and the other is by out-performing the market.”  The company has to make sure it is in line with the current integration of document processes but on by having the right devices. Otherwise their revenue will continue stagnating and accelerating into declines.

The company “delayered” structure

Xerox’s focus is on giving its customer the best service. It is the reason why it has had to delayer its structure to accommodate friendly go-to market strategies alongside product development. It is all about bringing an all inclusive innovation into the market.

Steve Hoover, Xerox’s chief technology officer says that the company is putting its best foot forward in taking control of the capabilities that enable integration for purposes of efficient work flow.   In any case today’s technology has moved work from the desktop to one’s pocket

The company is now optimistic of being able to offer personalized service to both small- and medium-sized businesses, thanks to its 29 multi-functional printers

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