Wokeism infecting medical schools is ‘very, very dangerous’: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Author Dr. Aaron Kheriaty joined “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino” to analyze the danger of “wokeism” in higher education.

DAN BONGINO: Listen, the woke, they just don’t stop, and they’re not going to stop unless us conservatives, we take a stand. We just learned the medical school of the University of Florida is reportedly incorporating critical race theory into its admissions program and curriculum. And while some medical schools are scrapping the MCAT, the American Bar Association just voted to make the LSAT optional. Why? Well, of course, inclusion and diversity and all the buzzwords.


DR. AARON KHERIATY: So imagine you’re being wheeled back to the operating room and the light sedation is starting to take hold, and you learn in that moment just before you go into surgery that both your surgeon and your anesthesiologist were admitted to medical school and admitted to their residency training programs based on criteria that were not related to merit, that were related to an ideological statement they made in their admission packet, or that the standards in their school or their training program were actually lowered to accommodate them because otherwise they wouldn’t have qualified for admission. 

I don’t care what your political or ideological affiliation is, in that moment, you’re going to be a little worried and that stuff is going to go out the window. You want character and you want competence. You don’t want ideology being pushed under the banner of medical education. This is very, very dangerous.

Source – https://www.foxnews.com/media/wokeism-infecting-medical-schools-very-very-dangerous-dr-aaron-kheriaty

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