Windstream Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ:WIN) In The Quest To Acquire Broadview Networks, Sources Say

The news just trickling in right now reveals the new move by Windstream Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ:WIN) to enter into a dealing that will see the top provider direct its resources towards the acquisition of Broadview Networks. As a matter of fact, Broadview Networks has been quite a progressive as well as a vibrant provider dealing in cloud-based unified communications solutions to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Sources close to the company reveal that the provider is looking forward to close the deal; latest by third quarter of 2017 and that will of course be subject to the necessary regulatory clearances.

As a matter of fact, eyes are wide open looking to find out what becomes of this great company in the nearby future. As a matter of fact, expansions as well as the generation of higher revenues will be much appreciated by the concerned parties, investors being among the lot.

One thing that is for sure is the fact that the new acquisition will move a long way towards generally enhancing Windstream’s unified communications (UC) solutions for SMB customers. The Broadview Networks play quite some significant role when it comes to providing customers with the broad suite of cloud-based services and that is of course under the OfficeSuite UC brand.

With the great business dynamics as well as the changes the top provider is expecting to implement, there is much hope that Windstream will be able to forge many steps forward to attain its dream of becoming an industry leader in the provision of top quality services as well as in the generation of high revenues to aid expansions.

According to a number of top analysts, Windstream might soon realize approximately $30 million in the annual operating synergies and that will as a matter of fact happen within the two years of the acquisition completion.

Moody’s Investors Service has come to the limelight to describe the top provider as a progressive one and in the same time termed its recent a move a positive step forward. A lot can be speculated right now, but the real impact of the new move is something we just have to wait and see!

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