Boston, MA 01/29/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN)’s rocky stock price journey could be coming to an end soon if a recently released note by analysts at Wells Fargo (WFC) is anything to go by. Wells Fargo has sought to assure investors that looking at Groupon’s valuation and fundamentals, the company has cleared a lot of hurdles on its path to profitability. The analysts cite Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN)’s shift to apparel which is one of the most profitable and fastest growing categories in online retail market. Then there is also the aspect of Groupon developing its own private label products. Private label items usually carry higher margins and these will boost the company’s profit and also help lift up the stock.

BG Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGMD) noted a rare uplift in its stock after the company published a positive result for a clinical research study that involved VIDAS Galectin-3. The study offered details revealing the efficacy of the drug and this served to warm up investor appetite in the stock. BGMD has had a rocky season on the bourse of late that it recently slid to the penny stocks category of Nasdaq composite. The seemingly positive study from BG Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGMD) shouldn’t be a reason for euphoric moves on the stock, yet investors can keep an eye on the stock in the coming weeks for clearer direction of things to ensure informed investment decision.

KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY)’s stock still reveals attractive upside potential despite impressive run-up witnessed for the past months. Analysts are convinced that the stock is not yet stretched. Thus, the sticker had its stock price target raised by RBC Capital to $15 from $13 in the previous view. The stock currently trades around $12.96 per share. The strengths in KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY) are several and they exceed any potential distraction that existing weakness can have on the stock’s growth. The company’s attractive valuation and underlying fundamentals also raise prospects for the rise of the stock.