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Why OncoSec Medical Inc (NASDAQ:ONCS) Is Making Noise?

OncoSec Medical Inc (NASDAQ:ONCS) presented emerging results from its unique, multi-gene expression platform named PIIM. The poster presentation was showcased during the “Oncolytic Viruses & Intratumoral Therapies” session on November 10 at the SITC Annual Meeting 2017.

The details

The PIIM platform establishes upon OncoSec’s current plasmid-based cancer immunotherapy base and may provide both manufacturing efficiencies and enhanced therapeutic activity. Preclinical data showcase the unique platform’s flexibility to add numerous immune modulating genes to change the tumor microenvironment which, when together with electroporation in a preclinical tumor animal prototype, led in regression of tumor growth in the treated primary lesion as well as a distant untreated lesion.

Dan O’Connor, the CEO of OncoSec, expressed that immunotherapy has transformed the cure of many cancers, including melanoma. However, prevailing agents do not assist all patients or have harmful side effects averting broader application or in combination with other agents. The ability to increase response with a concurrent and potentially safe combination treatment, including checkpoint modulators, antibodies and cytokines, enables the immune system to better identify and attack the tumor, a benefit of the PIIM platform over other products presently under development.

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer marks as a non-profit medical expert society of influential scientists, researchers, academicians, government representatives, industry leaders and clinicians from across the globe committed to improving cancer patient outcomes by developing the application and science of cancer immunotherapy. Presently, SITC has almost 1,600 members exhibiting 17 medical specialties and are involved in research and treatment of minimum a dozen types of cancer.

PIIM represents a development for OncoSec’s plasmid-dependent cancer immunotherapy platform, pairing enhanced in vivo electroporation with the capability to combine numerous therapeutic molecules in a sole DNA plasmid. This technology platform provides molecular cloning and expedited design of these molecules, fused or individually, with personalized effector functions and comparative expression levels.

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