Great Basin Scientific Inc (NASDAQ:GBSN) a molecular diagnostics firm reported the Journal of Clinical Microbiology issued study results analyzing the cost effectiveness and sensitivity of the company’s Basin Shiga Toxin Direct Assessment in detecting STEC from stool specimens. The study report shows a development in STEC detection, closing that the molecular examine from Great Basin offers clinicians with a rapid, definitive and cost-effective patient diagnosis, when assessed to EIA and culture methods, allowing physicians to make timely decisions on the right course of treatment.

The details

Rob Jenison of Great Basin Scientific reported that minimizing the labor and cost linked with testing stool culture specimens, usually one of the most labor intensive and expensive tests for labs and hospitals, is offering considerable value to lab director customers and hospital administrator. The study also showed that the superior sensitivity and rapid turnaround time, when evaluated routine culture methods, helps in infection control measures and identification of prospective outbreaks 24 hours to 72 hours’ sooner.

Led by Dr. Blake W. Buchan the study determined that Great Basin’s Shiga Toxin Direct Test came 93.2% sensitive and 99.3% specific for finding of stx1 and stx2, and 95.7% sensitive and 99.3% specific for finding of E.coli serotype O157.

Depending on the analysis data, EIA-based and culture procedures for detection of STEC are just 33% sensitive when assessed to molecular tests. The time to result is almost 2 hours, compared to almost 36 to 48 hours taken by culture-based methods. It is priced comparative to common culture & Enzyme Immunoassay assessments, at $24 per test, and offers a cost reserves from routine stool culture when considering for the total labor and material involved.

Furthermore, the trial concluded that Great Basin test increases the affirmative identification of Shiga Toxin-generating E.coli by 3-4 times, when assessed to similar test panels.

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