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What Should You Know About LYFT Inc’s (NASDAQ:LYFT) Jobs Access Program?

LYFT Inc’s (NASDAQ:LYFT) Jobs Access Program is a unique initiative that intends to solve short-term transportation problems for job seekers. The program allows people get free transportation for job interviews and training programs, and also free rides to work in the initial three weeks of employment. Lyft’s ongoing partnerships with transit agencies and cities form a platform for this program.

Reliable transportation essential for unemployed

Lyft stated that reliable transportation while looking for job interviews or in initial weeks of work is of utmost importance for people. The company has partnered with leading local and national organizations to advance this program. For now, this free service will be available in more than 35 markets in the U.S. and Canada.

Lyft’s Jobs Access Program will cover three major interventions in the employment pipeline; rides to and from job interviews, job training programs, and the initial three weeks of employment. Employees can pay for their rides once they get their first paycheck.

Partners in Jobs Access Program

National Down Syndrome Society is one of the leading partners that have associated with Lyft’s Jobs Access Program. Other national partners include The USO, United Way and 211, Goodwill, Year UP, Generation, Upwardly Global, The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, and #cut50 (Dream Corps). The company finalized partners for its Jobs Access Program through a closed process.

Ashley Helsing, the Director of Government Relations at NDSS, said that transportation marks a big barrier for people with disabilities. There are around 2 million disabled people in the U.S., out of which almost 30% are stuck at home due to transportation challenges. With this program, people will find it easy to get around.

Alicia Lara, the SVP, Impact, United Way Worldwide, said that Jobs Access Program provides an opportunity for people with disabilities and of all ages to enhance their economic status. This initiative is focused on communities that will benefit considerably from short-term transportation facilities, ranging from veterans to people with disabilities.

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