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What Does Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Have To Say About Threats Of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence researchers at Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) think that there is much more to artificial intelligence than it being a threat to the very existence of the human race.

For many years, films have depicted an apocalypse where machines fitted with AI take over the world and they end up being a threat to humanity. No film depicts this better than the Terminator franchise where intelligent robots are on a mission to destroy mankind. The concept has been one to stir up the minds of many, perhaps because humans know what they are capable of. Thus, the idea that man could one day create a machine intelligent enough to want to kill him does not appear so farfetched.

During a machine learning conference that took place last week in London, Mustafa Suleyman said that the narrative has shifted from pointing towards such a doomed AI. Suleyman is the Chief of Applied Artificial Intelligence at Google DeepMind. He also co-founded the AI Company, which is based in London. It was bought by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) in 2014.

Last year, DeepMind published an article that attracted the attention of many, particularly in the scientific community. The article depicted how computer programming can influence a computer to play an Atari game better than most people. In the past, AI has been a field that many scientists have been unable to crack. However, things are now looking a bit different.

Suleyman described DeepMind’s breakthrough as one of the most remarkable achievements oriented towards AI especially after years of disappointment. However, he also claimed that the breakthrough has inevitably led to the resurfacing of earlier concerns about its dangers. He described it in the manner that humans have become concerned that the developers will be distracted from their ethics and safety procedures.

DeepMind’s perspective of creating an AI involve making the AI a powerful tool that will have control measures. The safety measures will allow the technology to be controlled in a manner. It is supposed to support humanity rather than facilitate its downfall.

Published by Donna Fago

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