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Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) Faces Massive Outrage Over Religious Issues

Dozens of people who call themselves atheists have gathered outside Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. As per the reports, these people have been protesting against company’s discriminatory moves towards United Church of Bacon’s religious views.

Where It May Lead:

All the protestors looked angry. Many of them had play cards with different slogans like ‘stop discrimination against atheists.’ Among tens of people who gathered to protest against Wells Fargo, one wore a T-Shirt that read ‘ Man created God.’ They were so angry that most of the protestors who had accounts with Wells Fargo decided to close them right away. A juggler was present at the site to entertain all the atheists.

Authorities are worried that if things don’t come under control soon, the situation may turn from bad to worse.

How Did It Started:

The protest started after John Whiteside, Founder of congregation alleged that one of the Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) refused to sign a notarize one of the documents that he had presented. According to him, the basis of their negligence was the fact that he was an atheist. The issue dates back to April when Whiteside visited this branch of Wells Fargo to get notary’s stamp on one of his congregants named Chris Dyer’s affidavit. Dyer needed this stamp to officiate marriages.

As per the reports, when he presented the document to one of the female employees, she refused to sign it on the grounds of discrimination against those who had no belief in God. Right after this event, Whiteside withdrew his entire money from the bank and closed the account immediately. When reporters asked the management of Wells Fargo to comment on this issue, it claimed that whatever Whiteside had revealed was baseless. According to one of the spokesmen of the bank, none of the bank employees ever made any comment against any individual or group of people.

Published by Duncan Oleinic

Duncan Oleinic is from New Yourk. After graduating with a degree in physics, he began his career as an analyst in a broking firm. Through this experience he was able to advance to the role of correspondent for a U.S based financial news provider, where he worked from 2001 to 2007. He subsequently joined a merchant banking firm as a financial analyst focused on valuing unlisted companies in the sub-continent. Over the course of his two years here, he performed valuations of several media companies which were later acquired by peers.

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