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Washington Utility Beefs Up Security Amid Crypto Mining Moratorium

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A Washington utility provider understands how severe a backlash from the cryto miners could turn out to be and that is the reason it has resorted to heightening security measures. A person well conversant with the matter but who wanted his identity kept anonymous said that there were several security cameras and bulletproof panels at PUD headquarters.

Recent reports are linking the heightened security precautions to some perceived concerns of retaliation from two cryptocurrency-related groups. Power has been disconnected from the various unauthorized miners and in this particular regard it is worth noting that the current moratorium is a significant factor.

Plans underway

Kimberlee Craig, who happens to be a Chelan County PUD spokeswoman in making her statement acknowledged that from one point to the other people could get agitated and argumentative.

She delved deeper into the matter to state that their goal was to offer their wide customer base top line customer service. They will also be seeking to keep the various employees safe during the heightened tensions.

Mrs. Craig is quite pleased about the fact that so far there hasn’t been a single incidence that has compelled them to deploy law enforcement. According to her, the much has changed in terms of the staff interaction with the various customers of the cryptocurrency.

PUD’s staff and its take on the matter

PUD’s staff has been rather active lately and one thing that is coming out from its joint report is the point that every week it has discerned three or more unauthorized operations. Concerns were raised regarding the overloading the system by the various unauthorized Bitcoin operators. It resulted in damages of the power grid infrastructure and the creation of the power hazards.

The move to train personnel on ways to handle potentially hostile persons by the installation of panic buttons for front-line staff as well as the addition of security officers to assist with the spotting of negative body language is commendable according to analysts.

The sense of urgency by applicants and the volume of requests are said to be impacting the dynamics of the interaction by staff with the cryptocurrency customers.

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