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Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) Adds Alcohol On Delivery Service In California And Florida

Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) is planning to offer an alcohol door-to-door pickup service in over 200 stores in California, Florida. The new service allows shoppers to order their products on the Walmart grocery platform. However, the program is subject to the local and state regulations, including the blue laws that limit the sale of alcohol.

Currently, the company operates adult beverage delivery services in over 2000 locations in 29 states in the U.S. The service is available for beer and wine products, although some locations offer spirits and other forms of adult beverages. Walmart has been eyeing the online alcohol delivery options for some time, and through its subsidiary, Sam’s Club, the company currently offers door-to-door delivery for alcohol.

Stiff Competition in Online Grocery Delivery Business

In the recent past, there have been heightened online grocery wars as rivals outdo each other in the market. For instance, last week, Amazon made grocery delivery service free for its Prime members, a move that shook the entire industry. Walmart intends to enable shoppers to access online grocery shopping for all products and completely replace the traditional forms of shopping. This includes not only food items, but also booze products. However, some states are conservative and may restrict how alcohol is sold and distributed.

Walmart’s alcohol delivery service is similar to the grocery shopping feature though one is required to show ID to verify the age of the user before receiving items. This is the same as one walking into a shop to purchase the alcohol product. With alcohol products added to the grocery delivery service, Walmart could become the leading brand that offers all products fully online, which would boost its performance.

Though, other e-commerce companies may soon follow suit. Currently, the company is relying on several pickup points in big states such as California, Florida, and Texas. However, the home delivery is limited to California and Florida states until local and state laws are put in place. The alcohol delivery service is not available to all regions in the U.S.

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