Volume Soars to New Heights as Tactical Air Defense Services Receives Aircraft Dealers’ Certificate (TADF)

Tactical Air Defense Services (OTC: TADF), an aerospace contractor, saw its volume explode to 18 times above average as it announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, AeroTech,  received its aircraft dealers’ certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration. This will increase the company’s business propositions as it furthers its main strategy of buying aircraft below market value to deliver aerial training to the military.

Tactical Air Defense Services just closed the acquisition of AeroTech on Friday. It acquired 100% of the existing business, management, assets and stock.

On July 11, 2012, the company announced that one of its aircraft, the Embraer 314 Super Tucano, received its first revenue. The aircraft generated $70,000 for two days of work providing training support for the U.S. Army ground forces.

Tactical Air Defense Services, founded in 2001 and located in Carson City, Nevada, provides various services, including tactical flight training, air-to-air refueling, aerial firefighting, aircraft maintenance and disaster relief services to the Department of Defense and other state and federal agencies. The company has access to various military aircraft and experienced pilots, as well as training and maintenance protocols.

Tactical Air Defense’s stock closed at $0.0017 last night and opened the day at $0.0021. The stock rose to $0.0023 before closing at $0.002. Today’s activity posted a $0.0001, or 5.9%, gain over yesterday. Except for one day last week when the stock dipped a penny, the stock has been consistently rising since July 26, 2012, gaining 125% since then. Despite the recent upward trend, the company’s stock is still far away from the 52-week high it posted nearly a year ago when it reached $0.24. In just two months, the stock had dipped as low as $0.0004.

Volume skyrocketed today, setting a 52-week high. Compared to its daily average volume of 11.1 million shares, today’s activity beat that number by 18 times, with 206.2 million shares traded. Yesterday’s volume of just under 69 million shares was also impressive. The stock has been exceeding the daily average since July 20, 2012. The previous 52-week high was recorded on July 5, 2012, when 117.8 million shares were traded.

Tactical Air Defense Services was promoted as the penny stock of the day because of its consistent gains and extremely high volume. Before today, no penny stock newsletters had promoted the company since 2010. The company has been making great headway so far this month. Will Tactical Air Defense Services continue to soar to new heights?

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Published by Lisa Ray

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