Vistagen Therapeutics Rallies: Is This The Beginning Of Full Recovery?

Vistagen Therapeutics, Inc. (VSTA) rose an incredible 10.89% yesterday, closing at a price of $1.12, which was also its intraday high. The stock had been on a declining streak since April and today’s rally could be another sign of volatility. Maybe, though, it’s a start for the company to climb back up.

On May 14th, Vistagen Therapeutics issued an update letter in a PR to its stockholders; a copy of the PR is attached on the current report of Form 8-K.

Vistagen Therapeutics is providing much flair in the field of drug rescue and cell therapy. The company also applies its expertise to therapeutic cell research.

Vistagen´s methods, along with its enviable experience in stem cell research, play an important part of any drug rescue. For the public use, the company scrutinizes all of its drugs very proficiently before sending them in to the market. Several drugs were abandoned after indications that they could cause adverse effects to the human heart, which has been corroborated by the National Institute of Health, drug development companies, and academic research laboratories.

Vistagen also secures vital US patents for stem cell investigation. Recently, Vistagen has been awarded patent 11/445,733. This patent incorporates the methods and forms of measuring poisonous outcomes potentially reduced by trial drugs in the stems of liver cells.

Also included in patent 11/445,733 is the authority to utilize all cells derived from small rodent liver cells, including rats and mice.

Next line permission has also been granted for testing cells in ´vivo´ organisms or cells from pluripotent-provoked sources. The company can also monitor toxic changes in genes. This patent permits the company to monitor changes in the genes as a way of predicting drug toxins.

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