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Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) Reinstates Payment Processing for Pornhub Sites Offering Professional Content

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) has announced that it will process payments made on adult websites owned by MindGeek, Pornhub’s parent company. The company said that the allowed sites are those that host adult studio content produced professionally instead of user-created content which it bans.

Visa upholding the ban on payments to Pornhub and other MindGeek sites

However, the payment processing company will still freeze payments to Pornhub which is MindGeek’s highest traffic site. Two weeks ago the company banned the use of its credit cards to make payments on the platform following a report on the New York Times that alleged that the site was hosting child porn, revenge porn content as well as other illegal content.

A statement from the company indicated that following a comprehensive review the company was reinstating acceptance privileges for sites offering professionally generated porn material subject to requirements ensuring compliance to the law. Visa and other payment processing networks MasterCard and Discovery had suspended the use of their credit cards on Pornhub because of via lotions of their standards. The company says that the ban on Pornhub and other platforms owned by MindGeek will remain in place until investigations are over.

Pornhub removing illegal content from its site

According to the Times report content that Pornhub hosted includes girls and underage naked girls, assaults of unconscious women, and material recorded using spycams of women showering. The site denied the allegations calling them flagrantly untrue and irresponsible. A statement from the Sex Workers Outreach Project Behind Bars denounced the decision by the payment processors saying that it is a war against sex workers. Pornhub has since removed several videos originating from unverified uploaders as part of the efforts to implement strict safety measures.

Interestingly a group of legislators led by Senator Josh Hawley have introduced a bill that will give revenge porn, sexual assault, and sex trafficking ability to sue sites that host illegal material depicting them. If the bill gets enacted, it would criminalize the hosting and distribution of revenge porn and sexual assault content knowingly.

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