Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) Introduces Fast and Reliable Fios Forward Intenet For Lifeline Program Beneficiaries

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is making the high-speed reliable internet without data caps more accessible to consumers qualifying for financial assistance via Verizon Fios Forward. The service the company introduced in April last year will be available to customers on the Lifeline government assistance program for $19.99 per month including tax.

Fios Forward offering fast internet for low-income families

Fios Forward is a service that exceeds traditional home internet assistance programs in terms of capabilities and speeds which will be available to current and new customers at discounted rates. The service breaks the mold of affordable home internet offers that often lack capacity and sped to meet multi-user demands at home especially now people are working remotely and learning from home. Verizon is not creating a sub-tier of service limiting capacity for students to learn and consumers to seeks advancement avenues in a digitally dependent future. Instead, the carrier has introduced the service which will help low-income households in accessing the same Verizon Fios service which is rated Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Residential Internet Service in the East1.

Verizon’s SVP consumer marketing and Product Frank Boulben said that the company’s guiding principle is the creation of networks moving the world forward. He added that many families will be left behind when using home internet that cannot keep with the pace of today’s remote working and eLearning demands. Boulben said that they understand the impact of connectivity on advancement and so they are extending the Fios Forward service to support digital inclusion and also help in creating opportunities with affordable access to fast and reliable broadband internet.

Three priced tiers of Fios Forward

The carrier has bundled the service onto three price tiers which customers can get under the company’s Mix & March Fios Home Internet plans. With $19.99 per month one will get Fios 200 plan offering up to 200 Mbps and for $39.99 one gets the Fios 400 pans with speeds of 400 Mbps. The $59.99 Fios Gigabit Connection gives the customer 880 Mbps and a router.

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