Users Find Smart Glasses by Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB) and Ray-Ban as Both Cool and Creepy

The new pair of camera-equipped sunglasses from Ray-Ban and Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ: FB) happens to be a rather exciting innovation that lets users record whatever they want. Some users might feel creepy recording their aunts or mothers without them knowing, but some might feel unaffected by such an act.

Focus on a great technology

It could also be using the new pair of camera-equipped sunglasses from Ray-Ban and Facebook to record a barista or random love birds in a nearby coffee shop. The unique flexibility creates a new technological dynamic, and most users know that the recordings could help them in some crucial areas. There is quite a lot that you could record and get the most outstanding images ranging from an aggressive squirrel in Central Park or an uber driver moving passengers from one area to the other. 

It is good to put matters more clearly, and that implies that using the camera-equipped sunglasses from the developers isn’t all about spying. It is indeed true that some people might be quick to regard those wearing fantastic sunglasses as spies, but it is also important to remember that times are fast-changing and that freedom is the right of every citizen. 

Why one needs the glasses

Some common phrases continue to come to the limelight to refer to sunglasses, and one of the most recently coined term is “James Bonding” people. According to analysts, it is a term that continues to make rounds, and there is probably some truth to it based on the product’s performance aspects. 

The sunglasses present a rather outstanding design, and most users can’t help but fall in love with how the glasses resemble the classic Wayfarer Ray-Bans they spotted with Tom Cruise in the movies in that scene. He wore tighty whities. The future of wearable technology looks excellent, considering the significant changes that have come to light so far. Such changes include the round frames, Sleek polarized lenses, Ray-Ban logo, and much more. The teeny-tiny recording light looks great, and everyone likes the 5-megapixel cameras. The four gigabytes of storage are sufficient for most users, and they also desire the three-microphone array.

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