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United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:UAL) And Delta Air Lines, Inc (NYSE:DAL) Pave the way for Travelers To Move To European Destinations

United Airlines Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:UAL) and Delta Air Lines, Inc (NYSE:DAL) will embark on their flights to Greece and Iceland. United Airlines starts its operations in July, moving U.S. tourists abroad. The announcement inspires hope among all tourists that have been longing to spend their summer in three European destinations. The only requirement is that they will need to provide documents indicating their vaccination against the deadly coronavirus.

Delta Air Lines made the first move

United Airlines makes its announcement barely a month after Delta Air Lines spoke out about its flights to Athens, Greece. It planned the flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport, St. Paul International Airport, and Boston Logan International Airport.

United has confirmed details about the increased search activity on its websites, which triggers it to take up thrice-weekly flights to Croatia. The company also admits that the European remain new to it and mentions all those routes. They include Washington, DC, Athens, Chicago to Iceland’s Reykjavik, and Newark to Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Why Iceland remains free

Iceland falls under the Schengen zone, a segment where tourists can travel without necessarily having visas. However, the country hasn’t been classified under the European Union. In other words, visitors from outside the E.U. don’t have to suffer from the Covid-restrictions put in place.

Iceland Air gave out a statement recently, protesting against the current state of affairs. The airline expressed its deep disagreement with the new trend, where people regard the country to be a backdoor to the grander continent.

People from Iceland can’t move to the rest of Europe unless they prove to be Schengen residents.

Greece leads the way in re-opening travel

Greece has no issues with U.S. travelers who can provide their negative COVID-19 test results. Travelers can also offer their vaccination certificates to gain entry into the country. Lifting the ban will allow more tourists to travel between the two countries.

Greece happens to be one of the E.U. members, and its move impacts the bloc significantly. In other words, the bloc feels the great need to follow suit in re-opening travel on a broader scale.

Both Greece and Iceland admit the great role that their tourism sectors play in boosting their revenues. For example, the industry makes up a considerable percentage of Greece’s economy.

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