Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE:UBER) Eyeing The Supreme Court Verdict And Its Implications

The Supreme Court will on Friday give its judgment on Uber’s case. It was back in 2016 that 25 Uber drivers filed a suit wanting recognition as workers. A positive outcome from the court would entitle them to holiday pay and minimum wage like the rest of the workforce. The case has been ongoing since 2016, and Friday will determine the fate of the drivers.

Supreme court to rule on the matter

The divers have been losing in most stages, but they are still optimistic about the future. However, they remain optimistic that the tables might turn in when the Supreme Court finally gives its verdict on Friday.

The case at hand is important for anyone that works as an Uber driver, and that is because the outcome might end up setting the president on the kind of treatment gig workers receive in the UK.

There have been misconceptions that the case at hand regards all the uber drivers, but the truth is that it directly applies to only the 25 drivers that went to court. For anyone that keeps a close eye on most of the supreme court rulings, it is easy to tell that it isn’t quite uncommon for the court to overturn its rulings. All eyes are on the top court this time around, and Uber drivers hope that luck will be on their side this time.

The ruling could go either way

Positivity is a good thing, but Uber drivers also need to operate with the right mindset. They must prepare for both outcomes because the supreme court is independent in its decision-making. In case matters go south for the drivers so that they lose again this week, they will leave the remaining part to the employment tribunal.

Reports indicate that the employment tribunal will review the case at hand. It will then decide how much compensation to award the 25 uber drivers that took the matter to court.

Sources indicate that there are about 1000 cases of a similar nature pending, and they will only progress after the much-anticipated ruling.

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