Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER) And Lyft Inc. (NYSE: LYFT) Are Polluting The Environment As They Face Assault Lawsuits

A new study has shown that ridesharing companies Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER) and Lyft Inc. (NYSE: LYFT) may be sparing the environment from carbon emissions that result from starting a cold vehicle. Still, these gains are wiped by drivers driving around to wait for customers or fetching clients, which is called deadheading.

Ridesharing rides are not environmentally sustainable after all. 

The companies have been making promises about curtailing pollution. For example, how their services can benefit the environment because they minimize the need for short trips, passengers can carpool and cut unnecessary miles by eliminating street parking. Still, the study punched a hole in these promises. In 2019, deadheading by Uber and Lyft equaled 40% of ridesharing miles driven in Six cities in the US. In addition, Carnegie Mellon researchers established that driving without passengers contributes to 20% of overall gas consumption increase and greenhouse emissions relative to using personal cars.

Researchers established that using on-demand rides instead of a personal car increased the external costs of a normal trip by 40 to 35%  due to added congestion, noise and collisions due to ride-hailing services.

Omaha woman sues Lyft after being assaulted by a driver 

Besides the environmental pollution problem, ridesharing firms have been facing a fair share of other problems. For instance, Lyft is facing a federal complaint from an Omaha woman who claims she was driven around for hours, barely unconscious, and sexually assaulted.  The woman’s lawsuit is one of about 1,000 women who have filed a lawsuit against Uber and Lyft for sexual assault because the companies have failed to screen drivers prior to hiring and protecting passengers.

California-based Levin Simes Abrams LLC told media outlets that over the summer, there have been hundreds of women that have contacted the company saying Uber or Lyft drivers assaulted them. As a result, around 1000 lawsuits are anticipated against the companies.

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