Uber Gears Up With An App To Help Gig Workers Find A Job

Uber, which helps you to reach your destination, has now launched an app to help Gig workers find a suitable job. The company has introduced the Uber Works App in Chicago on Thursday, making it easier for temporary workers to land on jobs like commercial cleaning, bartending, and warehouse work.

According to a release from Uber, the technology first approach helps people to find a temporary job quickly. It is a bridge between employers and people looking for immediate jobs. The App provides an insight into a myriad of jobs available in their location.

Struggles to turn black

Uber has removed over 400 workers in September 2019. It is struggling to turn to black. Despite at odds, the company is expanding its business. Uber prepares to fight the law passed in California in September because the new law threatens its contract business model. The launch of Uber Works app is not an answer to its struggles. According to a professor at Business School in Columbia, Len Sherman, it is doubtful that the new app would contribute to the finances of the company. The company is sucking out cash from the business each year.

Started as a ride-sharing service

Uber began the business as a ride-sharing service. It plunged to unrelated businesses over the years. The company is striving to project itself as the Amazon of transportation. According to Sherman, comparing Uber with Amazon is a stupid idea. It could take several years for Uber Works to generate returns. Uber is investing in a business, which is not progressing.

Uber has used the tech to ensure a smooth ride. It is using the same technique with the launch of Uber Works App to help workers find a job and at the same time, help businesses to meet the ends. The app provides details like suitable attire for the job and the required skills for the task. It also allows workers to track their working hours.

Partners with staffing agencies

Uber is in touch with staffing agencies, which offer jobs, make payments, and cater to the worker’s benefits. The company will charge the companies for providing employees. It all depends on the required qualifications and how quickly they need to fill the shifts.

Users can book helicopter taxi

Uber allows passengers in New York City to book a helicopter using the app to John F Kennedy International Airport. Per person, flight fare costs up to $225. The fare comprises ground transportation on both sides.

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