U.S. Highland Rocks the Financial Market Like the Motorcycle World

Shares of U.S. Highland (OTC: UHLN) rocketed higher on Tuesday, along with the entire motorcycle sector, including Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG). U.S. Highland seems to be gaining favor recently with American motorcycle racers and big motor manufacturers, which may be related to its significant rise in share price.

Unlike Harley Davidson’s relatively stable growth of 4.5% over the past week, U.S. Highland is up almost 124% over the past week with a closing price of $1.01 (though unchanged from yesterday’s close). U.S. Highland started out strong this week, steadily rising throughout the week and peaking at $1.01 per share as over 896 thousand shares were traded on a single day. Though not as high as it was just over a year ago — when it sat comfortably near $15 per share — $1.01 is the highest investors have seen it go since the end of April when the stock was fluctuating around $0.65 to $0.75 per share.

Rallying from an all time low of just $0.16 per share just two weeks ago, U.S. Highland is experiencing an incredible  rise, which may be a result of the reverse split the company announced in mid-April. At that time, U.S. Highway decreased the number of shares in its float from over 26 million shares to just 896,354 shares with a starting value of $0.001 per share.

Prior to the reverse split announcement, U.S. Highland had declined from a high of about $15.06 per share in November of 2011, although there appeared to be a bit of respite in  December of the same year when it appeared to consolidate around $10-11 per share. This brief repite was followed by a sharp decline to its all-time low of 0.03 per share in March.

U.S. Highland is based out of Oklahoma and specializes in motorcycle motors and chassis for other larger motorcycle companies.  As this industry is dependent on consumer trends, and financial economic stability, its stock price is highly volatile. One day investors might be particularly interested in the motorcycle industry, and the next day something else might take their fancy.

Recent U.S. Highland headlines:

  • April 16, 2012: U.S. Highland announces a reverse stock split. Shares see a temporary rise in price from about $0.75 a share to $1.01, where they remain for about a week.
  • Feb, 13, 2012: U.S. Highland announces the departure of certain directors and officers and the appointment of others.  U.S. Highland moves down from its prior week’s high of about $5 per share to $2.5 per share.
  • November 21, 2011: U.S. Highland releases its quarterly report with lower-than-expected revenue losses. This accompanies a plunge in the stock price, taking U.S. Highland from a high of about $10.00 per share to $7.00 per share.

These fluctuations in U.S. Highland are disheartening but somewhat typical for small-cap stocks. Investors look forward to good news from U.S. Highland if their shares are to ever return to their former highs.

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