Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Speaks Out On Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Hacked Accounts

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has today given out a detailed statement outlining Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) account was hacked. The business guru says that asides from the company’s official account its Messenger also fell victim to the hackers.

Twitter learns about the hack

The one that brought this report to the limelight was the spokesperson of Twitter who disclosed that the hacking was conducted through a third-party platform. The company was informed about the hack in good time and it locked thee accounts with immediate effect.

The spokesperson says that they are currently focusing on restoring the two accounts. According to him, the company needed to co-operate with a partner to accomplish the task. That is why it made consultations with Facebook in a move that allowed the company to co-operate with some of its professionals. The spokesperson expresses confidence that anytime soon the issue will be fully resolved and the accounts restored.

He adds that they have been making efforts that will make it difficult for hackers to continue with their hacking activities. These hacking activities are giving the company a bad reputation and it won’t tolerate such undertakings on its platform.

It was in a separate incidence that Facebook made a confirmation that indeed its accounts had gotten into the hands of hackers. The company revealed that the hacking efforts took place on Friday.

The turn of events

The spokesperson of Facebook Joe Osborne has also come out to reveal that several of their corporate social accounts fell into the hands of hackers over a brief moment. He confirmed that they had moved with speed to rescue the situation and that things are now in control.

The official outlines that it took a lot of effort but what mattered for them was seeing the accounts secured and also access restored.

Hacking activities have been on the rise affecting even the accounts of iconic company leaders. It was back in August that the Chief Executive of Twitter came to the limelight disclosing that his account had been hacked. It was an incident that saw an unauthorized person get into the account eventually sending pubic tweets. According to the official, the hacker sent out many curse words and also some racial slur to over 4 million followers. It was after some time that Twitter succeeded in its efforts to secure the account.

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