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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Scraps Ideas Of Incorporating MS-DOS Games On Embedded Cards

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) may soon incorporate MS-DOS games feasibly on its online social media portal. URLs can easily be embedded from the MS-DOS library and archived into Twitter. The details of this news spread like wild fire, soon after tweets were live on this aspect. It is seemingly a great way to spend some moments on Twitter playing a myriad of MS-DOS games and while away time.

Twitter Card Rules Fiasco

There is a plethora of classical or vintage games that one can play on Twitter. However, the news reports suggest that this proposed plan is deemed to have been scrapped. The features have been disabled owing to reports that the innovative Twitter games were breaching the laid down norms pertaining to Twitter Card rules.

Had the classical games been realized on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), a wide gamut of the populace could have made the best of their idle hours. Such MS-DOS games might have ranged across adventure, sports, anime or other fun stuffs. Presumably, the latest goof up portrays that Twitter may just have lost gaining additional $8 billion, perhaps because of the tweet and thereby the back-off, within a matter of few days!

A Wide Portfolio Missed!

There is a portfolio of around 2600 MS-DOS games that could have been loaded and played on widgets across the micro-blogging platform called Twitter. Twitter Cards allows the display of images, videos and other such rich media in Twitter’s stream. There is also a plethora of ads on display. The reason for disabling this feature is a lack of correlation of contents in players’ cards. The card can be used easily for polling, messaging, purchasing, gaming or data entry. However, this recent inclusion would affect the card, which would have in turn tarnished Twitter’s image in the global front.

Published by Van Bettauer

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