Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Intention To Grow Its Business From Just Being A Breaking News Platform

With the latest desire for being up-to-date with news as they unfold, the use of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) which has become so popular would be good enough for anyone. A new survey from the American Press Institute indicates that 86% use the Twitter platform purposely for news. An earlier survey from Pew revealed that 63% of Twitter users just use for the simple follow-up of news.

However, the API survey having been funded by Twitter itself has more insight into how people keep a tab on Twitter for the latest news. As such and with this massive market attraction there is more future for Twitter.

More often than not Twitter is the first to break news way before any other communication platform. Many topics are discussed on Twitter the likes of deaths of prominent people, latest plane crashes, riots and many other forms of disasters. It is of such a common use among famous people, and any journalist will tell how irreplaceable it is. Nevertheless, a lot of other good stuff are also talked about on Twitter the likes of availability of new real jobs.

Besides following up on news, other users will use Twitter to notify their locations and what they are doing or thinking. However, this trend is more prevalent with Facebook than on Twitter. That said there is a need for Twitter to redirect its efforts on growing its products because there are a higher percentage of users.

At this rate, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) should be able to be able to pick up on the signals of what the news readers want and provide just that. Users want to be engaged which gives more opportunities for running advertisements.

Meanwhile, there are a few elements that need improvement. Breaking news should primarily be done on a timeline instead of having to browse through them on accounts one follows. On the other hand, control of news to keep users engaged is of essence while at the same time revealing content from the start of the events.

Interim CEO Jack Dorsey and CFO Anthony Noto are geared to convince the mass market. Hence, they are determined to spend a lump sum for marketing purposes.

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