Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) Launches Twitter Shops

Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) is launching a beta version of Twitter Shops. This feature will allow its users to have a virtual store on the side from which potential buyers can browse. However, customers won’t buy the products from the platform. Twitter will instead have. A link would redirect buyers to the business website to complete the purchase.

This feature is similar to the Shop Module, which Twitter is also testing. However, it is more expensive with a more extensive list of products and links. Moreover, the feature will give sellers a ‘view shop’ button on their profiles. Clicking on the button will take buyers to a page where they can view a maximum of 50 products from the seller.

The feature is now available to a few companies, including All I Do Is Cook, Gay Pride Apparel, the Latinx In Power Podcast, Arden Cove, and Verizon. This move is part of Twitter’s strategy to venture into shopping.

Twitter is launching Tor onion version

Twitter is also launching a Tor onion version of its platform for users to avoid censorship and increase privacy. Many people refer to onion services as dark web or hidden services. The former doesn’t always apply as the dark web often describes sites that allow criminal activity.

The company is also testing accessibility features to increase the prominence and usefulness of alt text descriptions for its users. The change will give an alt tag to images with descriptions. Clicking on the tag will give users the description.

This move has been in the works for a long time since Twitter appointed a dedicated accessibility team in 2020. Not all users will have immediate access to the feature, as the company plans to test it out on 3% of the people on its platform. Afterward, it will expand the feature in April to the rest of the world.

Basketball fans on Twitter discuss the game

Twitter basketball fans are also talking about the game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers. Fans are particularly enthralled by a moment between LeBron James and Eric Gordon when the latter faked a pass and drive.

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