Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) Announces it is testing New Feature That Warns Users When a Conversation Could Get Intense

In its latest move to reduce harassment on its platform and provide users with a safe experience, Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) has announced testing features that warn users if a conversation could get heated. The features might also warn you if a tweet could be offensive.

Twitter wants to reduce offensive tweets and misinformation

To prevent misinformation, the platform’s new features could alert you if you try to retweet an article you might not have read. Prompts will also enable Twitter users to exit a thread if they don’t want to continue a conversation.

Twitter will also enable people to tip content creators using bitcoin. It will also start a fund to pay twitters users who host chatrooms on the company’s Spaces feature.

These moves show efforts by Twitter to compete with other major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ: FB) in a bid to win content creators with many followers to their sites. It will also help the company transform its image from a platform where polarized conversation can worsen.

In addition, Twitter is trying to find ways to enable users to filter words they don’t want in replies to their tweets. In this way, the company hopes to reduce abusive speech and name-calling on the site.

The move has been met with different reactions. Some have shown support for the site, while others think the company should install more valuable features that will enable them to edit their tweets. Other Twitter users have accused the company of censoring free speech by suspending accounts.

Twitter has also announced that users with ios devices will be able to receive and send dig payments. Before the announcement, the feature was only available to a few test groups.

William Shatner announces he will go to space on Blue Origin

Recently, William Shatner announced on Twitter that he would be going to space with Blue Origin. Shatner, who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, plans to go to suborbital space on October 12. The rocket will have three other people, including the vice president of Planet Labs, its co-founder, and a medical research platform.

Shatner, who is 90 years old, has received widespread support from many other celebrities such as Stephen Colbert, Bill Prady and Lynda Carter, and Senior NASA official Bob Jacobs.

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