Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) and Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Venture into the NFT Market

Social Media platforms such as Meta Platforms Inc’s (NASDAQ: FB) Facebook and Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) are issuing an opportunity to NFT investors to increase value to their holdings. Twitter recently launched its preliminary version of NFTs that allows users to place their NFTs as profile pictures.

On the other hand, Instagram and Facebook collaborate to find means that allow users to do so and to purchase and sell digital art products and collections. If the implementations go as planned, the social media moguls will harvest more than expected.

NFTs are digital assets in blockchain databases that any person or organization does not manage. So, while predicting the benefits of this shift, Twitter can attempt to sway digital technology production and keep its users engaged.

However, the creation of NFTs by the social media giants acquired a lot of criticism from organizations in the cryptocurrency industry. They accused Twitter of authorizing a currency that makes consumers vulnerable to theft, scams, and other dangerous situations.

Twitter shuts down group that gives fake positive reviews

Twitter is currently the social media platform that authorizes its users to form opinions based on a particular event. The platform authorizes the consumers to converse about various topics, such as the NBA fans that reacted to Charlotte falling off 158 points on the pacers.

Another group created on the Twitter Platform includes the Amazon group developed to advertise the company by issuing positive reviews. However, following several controversies, the company shut down the campaign due to employees issuing positive impressions and denying any failings associated with the organization.

Criticism arose following an employee’s claim that the company forces them to urinate in bottles to arrive at the targets placed for them. The company instructed the employees selected to answer critics reasonably, even if policymakers and political bodies issued the criticism.

Twitter bans wordlinator

The platform recently announced that it was banning wordlinator, a feature that answered clients’ tweets with rude replies. The messages included spoilers for games taking place the following day or in a few weeks.

The spoiled looked accurate and concluded by ruining the game for clients who viewed the stats sent.

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