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TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV) Expands Clinical Trial to Include Precision Cancer Monitoring Platform In Lung Cancer

Boston, MA 09/30/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Development-stage molecular diagnostic company, TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV) disclosed that it has expanded its clinical trial program to include precision cancer monitoring platform in lung cancer patients management.

Expands Program

According to TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV)’s statement, the principal aim of the trial expansion was to identify and monitor EGFR alterations in plasma, urine and tissue to establish concordance. The second aim included associated quantitative EGFR alterations load over a period of time with the burden of tumor besides demonstrating identification of the challenging EGFR T790M alterations before the clinical or radiographic progression in patients with lung cancer and treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

TrovaGene expects to enroll approximately 225 patients for the study. TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV) quoted Assistant Attending Physician of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center or MSK, Helena Yu, as having stated that it was a normal course to perform molecular testing on every patient with freshly diagnosed metastatic lung adenocarcinoma. However, the difficulties lie in getting enough tissue from a non-surgical biopsy.

TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV) stated that the urinary cell-free DNA use to non-invasively detect tumor alterations could have numerous applications in the patients’ treatment with EGFR-mutant lung cancer. This included the possibility to follow disease burden and change treatment at the very first sign of resistance since it could improve the outcome from patients.

Management Speaks

TrovaGene’s Chief Scientific Officer, Mark Erlander, said that the company’s ongoing association with Memorial Sloan Kettering illustrated the advantages of its cell-free molecular diagnostics over the conventional tissue-based molecular testing as far as mutation detection concerned and the capability to observe tumor dynamics over a period of time. He expressed his confidence that its platform could assist clinicians through timely detection, as well as, tracking of EGFR alteration status in patients with metastatic lung cancer. He said that TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV) was looking forward to working closely with Yu, as well as, her team in the trial study.

Published by Van Bettauer

Van Bettauer is a financial aficionado from Vancouver, British Columbia. He currently studies at UBC, pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree. Van has been freelance writing for many years, specializing in copywriting, report writing and article writing. The combination of his scientific studies and writing experience brings a new and fresh perspective to the financial world. Visit Bettauer's Google+ page at the following address:

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