TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TYO:7203), Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) grapple to top world sales

Boston, MA 04/11/2013 (wallstreetpr) – The largest car-maker in the world, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TYO:7203) (Closed:5640.00JPY), Up by 5.82%) said that its small car Corolla had led 2012 global sales and have opposed Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) (Closed: $13.12, Up by 2.50%)’ contention that their car the Focus small car had bagged first place. Ford said they hold top position and had sold 1.02 million Focus cars and data that was cited had been compiled by R.L Polk &Co which is based in Southfield, Michigan. Polk is an independent automotive data company.

Vast difference in figures

The car-maker’s vice-president of communications, Mike Michels said that globally,  Toyota had sold 1.16 million Corolla nameplate vehicles. He said that the record of registrations that Polk holds is close to 300,000 units short of the actual sales figure. This discrepancy is a glaring one and Toyota has requested clarification. Ford as well as the Detroit-based General Motors has made a lot of changes to the car offerings they make in the U.S and want to gain sales in the market segment that seen Toyota as the leading player for decades now. Tokyo-based Honda’s Fusion has been slowly and steadily gaining on the Toyota Camry which has held top-spot in the U.S for 11 consecutive years. 80, 558 Fusions were sold in the first quarter while 100,830 Camrys were sold on the same period.

Toyota in the lead

Polk has not been able to provide global sales data based on nameplate beyond what has been provided by Toyota said the Polk spokesperson Michelle Culver, who works for Lambert, Edwards & Associates. The U.S sales analyst for Ford, Enrich Merkle said that the Focus was the best-selling nameplate and Polk, which is the third party and has merely verified the figure of 1.02 million. The difference between the global tallies that have been conducted by Toyota as well as Polk might be that the car-maker includes the sales of models which have names such as Corolla Altis and Corolla Axio. Toyota’s U.S sales unit is in Torrance, California. Behind Focus and Corolla, the F-series pickup from Ford stood third in global nameplate sales. As per Polk’s data, the Ford Fiesta stood in sixth place.

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