These stocks are beating the odds on Wall Street today (DBGI, SNOA, BLBX, GOGO, ALF, PLAG)

U.S. stocks fell on Tuesday, with tech names dragging down the Nasdaq and the broader markets as Treasury yields traded near three-month highs. The Nasdaq Composite was down 2%, and the S&P 500 shed 1.8.6%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 450 points, or about 1.3%.

One of the most obvious statements available to that subset of investors who are “very interested” in investing and trading stocks is that “investing and trading stocks is very interesting”. It’s tautological. From a market cycle standpoint, it is also inevitably true that as a bull market ages and matures, more and more people become very interested in investing and trading stocks. We are now about 13 years into a secular bull market, and investor enthusiasm hasn’t been surging at this level since the late 1990’s. It’s one of those times when everybody is in on the game, and everybody is making money.

It won’t last forever, but it could still last for years. During this type of market environment, one of the biggest winners among industries is likely to be financial technology providers of services to retail investors and traders. There are low-hanging fruit examples to confirm this idea, including those that allow transactions, such as Robinhood (13 million users today vs 0 in 2015) or those that allow social community interactions around trading, such as Stocktwits (>2 million users today vs 250K in 2017). This has been augmented by a massive surge in options trading and a drop in fees charged by brokers to, in many cases, $0/trade.

One of the most dramatic examples of the sudden dominant interest of retail market participants is the massive short squeezes we are seeing in stocks such as GameStop Corp (NYSE:GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC). This scenario – a raging bull market that casts advantages upon new technology services for market participants – forms the context of the opportunity we highlight here today: Blackboxstocks, Inc (OTC US:BLBX). That’s one of the reasons why a recent analyst research report (see here) gave this stock a $10/share price target.

Let’s take a look at some of today’s gainers that might potentially garner attention from the meme stock community considering they have surged significantly.

Digital Brands Group, Inc (NASDAQ:DBGI) is up over 35 percent at the time of writing this article. For the uninitiated, DBGI provided a curated collection of luxury lifestyle, digital-first brands. The company today announced its initial 2022 revenue guidance of $37.5 million to $42.5 million, an increase of 350% from 2021 revenue expectations. Additionally, the Company forecasts positive EBITDA for 2022, as it leverages its shared services platform.

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:SNOA) is up over 36% after the pharmaceutical company announced today that it has launched its first over-the-counter products in the U.S. on Amazon and a new product on Amazon in Europe, sending shares up 73%, to $9.24, premarket.

Gogo Inc (NASDAQ:GOGO) is another stock that is beating all the adds today on Wall Street. The stock is currently trading at $15.02, up over 22.91% at the time of writing this article. Gogo Inc, provider of broadband service for airplanes lifted its long-term financial targets, citing the expansion of private air travel. It has ascended 27% year to date amid the recovery in air travel.

Other stocks that are on the rise include Alfi Inc (NASDAQ:ALF) and Planet Green Holdings Corp (NYSEAMERICAN:PLAG) that are up in double digits.

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Published by Alan Masterson

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