The Vanguard Minerals’ Quick Rise: Just a Ploy or a Real Find? (VNGM)

Vanguard Minerals (OTC: VNGM) traded unusually heavy today. As other mineral companies like Uranium Resources (NASDAQ: URRE) or Millenium Energy (NASDAQ: MLME) made it through today’s trading session with no significant gains or losses, Vanguard Minerals seemed to find financial favor with Wall Street today.

Vanguard Minerals closed up almost 9% higher than its prior close. Throughout the day, it experienced large jumps and stutters, rising to $3.00 per share during the first hour of trading, then slowly falling to $1.80 price per share before closing at $2.65. Needless to say, those swings made for quite an exciting day for even the most brave of investors.

Coming up from a 52-week low of $0.10 per share, this week is the most volatilite in the history of Vanguard Minerals public listing. Of interest, the company recently released its quarterly report.

Prior to this surge in price, VNMG has been marching steadily downward. Originally founded in Mongolian mining, due to political and economic issues it had to cease those operations in 2006. At that point, Vanguard Minerals turned away from mining and opted instead to pursue wireless technology. Then, since 2010, the company claims to have been solely dedicated to the development of its mineral interests.

In June of last year, the company was able to secure financing of $250,000 and has since been working on the exploration of uranium, but meeting regulations has been challenging and drilling and trenching is expected to start in September of 2012, which may account for the sudden rise in price of shares.

Vanguard Minerals is based in San Diego, California, and operates in development-stage mineral exploration in the Athabasca region. Currently it plans on acquiring an undivided 50% of interest in certain additional mineral rights in this region.

Current Condition of Vanguard Minerals

  • Vanguard Minerals currently has a net loss of $5,481,790 since its inception.
  • Although the company’s cash balance is $0, it intends to draw on a $250,000 line of financing.
  • The 2012 plan of operation has a positive outlook. The company plans on developing its mineral properties in Athabasca, a small region in Canada, and to acquire more mineral properties.
  • The company intends to conduct more mineral exploration activities in 2012 and find exploration providers before winter’s onset.

This rise by such a large percentage on the Vanguard Minerals Corporation shares is quite unexpected. The cause may be just because of investor volatility, or it may be because of recent mineral exploration results. It may be too early to tell what the real cause of this rise is and whether it will continue to escalate.

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