The Rise Of General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) In The Market

Alan Masterson - February 10, 2014

Boston, MA 02/10/2014 (wallstreetpr) – General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) stock are turning out to be one of the best stocks for the year amidst optimism among investors that the company is set to perform well in the coming quarters. A clear indication of this is the recent revelation that insiders scooped a whopping $1.36 million of GE shares something that many analysts did not see coming and a surprise to many shareholders as well.

Whenever a leadership team of a given company decides to invest heavily in the company’s stock as seen in GE, it raises lots of concern in the air. This essentially signals the prospect of the company performing even better in the coming days thus the reason for the massive investment.

 The bright future for GE

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) seems to be on a recovery patch making the top executives believe opportunities outweigh challenges thus the reason behind the massive investment. The recent announcement of a partnership with Chevron Corp (NYSE:CVX) could only fuel further the highly anticipated success of the company in the coming years.

General Electric and Chevron have partnered together to bring together their technology side of oil and gas business in a partnership that will be known as Chevron GE Technology alliance. The partnership finally signals the full entry of GE into the energy sector.

Risks that GE might face in the coming future

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) future will highly depend on the global economy as its key sectors of operation ranging from airlines engines mostly depend on how the economies of different countries. A slowdown in emerging markets and China will mostly affect GE negatively. GE is also faced with a challenge of stable cash flow thus the reason behind its planned large IPO that it intends to use to folk a huge chunk of cash to boost its cash balance.


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