The Most Expensive AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) Unlimited Plan won’t have High-Speed Data Throttling Anymore

A few more benefits are set to be added onto AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)’s top-tier $85 per-month unlimited plan. And, guess what? There’ll be no added costs either. Subscribers of the Unlimited Elite plan will now be able to truly take advantage of unlimited high-speed data. They won’t need to worry about deprioritization once they hit 100GB of data anymore. Customers will also now get 40GB of hotspot data monthly instead of the previous 30GB. That’s not all, though. Instead of a 1080p maximum, you’ll now be boosted to 4K video streaming as well. The new features were set to be automatically added this week.

If all this sounds like something you’ve heard before, it’s because T-Mobile did something similar earlier this year. In fact, the Unlimited Elite Plan by AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) is more or less the same as the Magenta Max plan being offered by T-Mobile. Both are priced at $85 (including autopay discounts), and both also feature unlimited high-speed data, 4K streaming, and 40GB hotspot data. However, AT&T’s plan has HBO Max, whereas T-Mobile’s plan offers Netflix. Other than this, the plans are broadly similar.

The case of deprioritization 

Most of the unlimited phone plans out there usually have data deprioritization included in their fine print. This means that after a particular monthly data threshold is reached, the account will be slowed down when the networks get busy. Unfortunately, T-Mobile’s decision not to submit its highest-paying clientele to this practice looks to have pressured its competition into doing the same.

Although, there’s the fact that AT&T is still struggling to offer high-speed 5G data consumers can get excited about. However, things look like they’ll improve very soon. Why? Because AT&T has spent billions on Spectrum with the main goal of trying to make its 5G networks better. We now have to wait and see if this new acquisition will help make things better in this particular department. The new frequencies are set to be available by December this year. But until then, it’s Verizon to make a move now.  

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