The Green Machine is Here! Green Energy Renewable Solutions Sees Monumental Gains (EWRL)

Green Energy Renewable Solutions (OTC: EWRL) broke the stock market sound barrier yesterday, launching above and beyond all previous expectations. The share price closed Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at a high of $0.65, a monumental 300% stock increase. What makes this gain so significant isn’t the fact that it happened, but the fact that it happened to a green energy company. It signifies an urgency in the market that begins and ends with the public’s desire to see green energy become viable.  Green Energy retraced some of yesterday’s gains, closing at $0.46 today, but has still experienced impressive gains of over 170% during the past five days.

Green Energy Renewable Solutions develops and operates solid waste systems for construction and demolition companies. The company primarily focuses on the waste and recycling processes of these kinds of companies, including a variety of operations on municipal solid waste. Recently, the company made a slew of announcements that suggested that it would move towards an operation that focuses on the more business end of things.

To gain a better understanding of just how impressive the recent gains for Green Energy Renewable have been, first consider the turbulent journey the company’s stock has experienced. Not only five days ago the company was sitting at the bottom of the penny stock barrel, consistently holding a value of $0.10. Between June 20th, 2012 and June 25th, 2012 the company experienced up and down returns, reaching highs of $0.17 and lows of $0.14.

Very unimpressive numbers – to say the least. So, what has caused the recent skyrocket of the Green Renewable Solutions stock?

On June 25th, 2012, the company released a much anticipated update on its recycling operations in Highland Park. Back in November 2011, Green Energy Renewable bought 5 acres of land in Highland Park, which many experts at the time deemed a very bold move. However, the announcement was full of positives, including affirmation that the site was cleared and that nearly all the required equipment was set up and ready to function. Also, it was announced that the company was just finishing some legality on the site and would be ready for operation in sixty days.

But does this really qualify the company to have gains of this magnitude?

Maybe – maybe not. With concern growing around the sustainability of the planet’s environment, the phrase ‘go green’ has become a much more applicable term. For years, the idea of green energy and green processes becoming an alternative to the already established energy industry had both the public and investors concerned. They just couldn’t see the potential returns, at least not right way. The difference between the scepticism then and the potential success of Green Energy Renewable today is staggering.

The reason why the public is more inclined to support such a company, as seen yesterday in the ten-fold increase of the stock, is primarily because the company has potential returns. CEO of the company, Joe Durrant, has implicitly stated in numerous press releases, which have been backed up by strong data, that the annual revenues of the company will be close to $2,600,000.

This means that the company’s recent success isn’t that surprising at all. It was just a matter of time that Green Energy got its foot in the door.

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