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The Force is Strong in This One (FORC)

In a galaxy really, really close, just hours ago, Force Energy (OTC: FORC) realized a gain of over 15% following the close of today’s trading. This move harkens back to the days of the good Star Wars films (the first three), free from the horrible overacting of both Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen and the ridiculous inclusion of Jar Jar Binks, whom both children and adults alike grew to loathe.

Today’s upward trading was driven by the announced progress on its Zoro 1 property. Not the planet located in the outer ring (four parsecs from Tatooine), but rather the company’s lithium property located in the Snow Lake area of west-central Manitoba, Canada. Force Energy is a lithium, rare earth and hydrocarbon exploration and development company based in Denver, Colorado. In addition to its flagship Zoro 1 property, Force also controls a 50% in Hayter Well, a Hydrocarbon well located in Alberta, Canada.

Today’s announcement on its Zoro 1 property was not the delivery of the report itself, but rather the suggestion that a report is imminent and was simply being reviewed by management.

“We’ve managed to make some great strides in executing our business plan,” stated Tim DeHererra, CEO of Force Energy, “And in order to take our company to the next level, we’re going to have to build up our inventory of good lithium prospects and have the funds to prove them out.”

The demand for lithium is undeniable, driven primarily by people’s lust for electric cars, iPhones and iPads, as well as similar smartphones and tablets.

Since the year 2000, demand for lithium, the lightest metal on the periodic table, has driven the price up three fold. In an article by Bloomberg Business in June of 2012, Evy Hambro, who manages about $13 billion in mining stocks for BlackRock in London, asserted in an interview, “There are some companies now that we think are attractive to get a hold of lithium exposure. We’ve got a small exposure today and we’re looking for some more,” he said without naming any companies.

Could Force Energy be one of these unnamed companies?

Talison is presently the largest producer of lithium, an industry that presently produces 150 million tons each year. This number is quite low when compared with the expected rise in demand.

“Anywhere between a doubling and a tripling of demand in the next 10 years is absolutely our view,” Peter Oliver, CEO of Talison, said in an interview. He continued, “Maybe a doubling is with minimal impact from electric vehicles, and if electric vehicles take off in a big way in the next 10 years it could be as much as tripling.”

Expectations like these are a primary reason you have the amount of small upstarts like Force Energy entering the market. While lithium and its use in batteries will never surpass oil in the next 50, or even 100, years, investors are confident that there exist a number of companies that are undervalued in their pursuit of this high-demand metal.

Keep an eye on Force Energy as it prepares to release further details on its lithium lust at Zoro 1 and other areas.

Published by Brendan Byrne

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