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The Daily Buzz: Three Top Opportunities for the Climate Change Boom (SEDG, UCLE, ENPH)

Solaredge Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SEDG) is one of the most interesting solar players in the space. Technically, the stock is pulling back in an extremely strong upward trend. This is possibly the best of breed name in solar right now, pulling in sales of $325M in its last reported quarterly financials, representing top line growth of 43.1%.

The stock is now hovering above its key 50-day moving average and the support level around the $70/share area. With oil continuing to suffer well under the $60/bbl area, the pressure to invest in further expansion of renewable energy sources has been sharply curtailed relative to several years ago, when oil was up above the $100/bbl area. But SEDG continues to perform like a champ.

Solaredge Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SEDG) bills itself as a company that, together with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, and sells direct current (DC) optimized inverter systems for solar photovoltaic (PV) installations worldwide.

Its SolarEdge system consists of power optimizers, inverters, communication and smart energy management solutions, and a cloud based monitoring platform. The company’s products are used in a range of solar market segments, such as residential, commercial, and small utility-scale solar installations.

It also provides pre-sales support, ongoing trainings, and technical support and after installation services; and lithium-ion cells, batteries, and energy storage solutions for various industries, including energy storage systems, residential and commercial solar systems, uninterruptible power supplies, electric vehicles, aerospace, marine, and others.

The company sells its products to the providers of solar PV systems; and solar installers and distributors, electrical equipment wholesalers, and PV module manufacturers, as well as engineering, procurement, and construction firms. SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel.

SEDG has had a rough past week of trading action, with shares sinking something like -3% in that time. That said, chart support is nearby and we may be in the process of constructing a nice setup for some movement back the other way.

Solaredge Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SEDG) pulled in sales of $325M in its last reported quarterly financials, representing top line growth of 43.1%. In addition, the company is battling some balance sheet hurdles, with cash levels struggling to keep up with current liabilities ($293.2M against $293.8M, respectively).


US Nuclear Corp (OTCMKTS:UCLE) has been breaking out to the upside in recent action, with shares acting particularly well over recent days, up something like 74% in that time. The company develops, manufactures, and sells radiation detection and measuring equipment, and may be headed for a status as the leading idea in the nuclear space as far as companies committed to the climate change agenda.

The most recent news from the company is another strong quarter, with sales for Q2 coming in at $1,530,523, an increase of $968,995 or 172% as compared to the same period in 2018. Gross profit was $785,933 compared to $287,799 for the same period in 2018, an increase of 173%. Cash increased from $969,118 to $1,393,915 for the six months ended June 30, 2019.

With a float of just 5.4 million shares, the moment it does, this has the potential to go right into outer space if the attention amplifies. The company is also sporting over 170% revenue growth in a red-hot market investment theme. The company offers radiation water monitors that allow the detection of radioactive materials in drinking water, ground water, rainfall, rivers, and lakes; alpha, beta, gamma, and tritium monitors; DroneRAD aerial radiation detection; air and water monitors; and nano-second X-ray monitors.

It also provides vehicle, personnel, exit, and room monitors; radon air monitors and radon switch products; handheld survey meters, as well as personal dosimeters and pocket micro-R meters; and port security equipment. In addition, the company offers software, which measures gamma and neutron radiation levels; airborne radioactivity levels; temperature and humidity in the facility; status of security doors; wind speed and direction; and barometric pressure.

Its products and services are used in nuclear reactor plants, universities, local and state hospitals, government agencies, and emergency medical technicians/first responders, as well as in airports, cargo, screening as ports and borders, and other critical infrastructure. US Nuclear Corp. is headquartered in Canoga Park, California.

Shares of UCLE are in an interesting technical situation. The stock has been sliding in the context of a stronger pattern on a larger timeframe. The question at present is whether or not the stock can move above the major moving averages and the critical $1/share level.

The stock is also running on a very tight float of just 5.4 million shares, as noted above.


Enphase Energy Inc (NASDAQ:ENPH) recently announced it has shipped more than one million microinverters to Australia and New Zealand.

According to its release, “Enphase has experienced steady growth in the two countries since entering their solar markets in 2013, as the Company’s technology is an ideal fit for Australia and New Zealand’s evolving distributed landscape. Enphase’s software-defined microinverter architecture allows the Company to quickly configure new products for release with a single hardware design, while maintaining the highest standards for reliability, safety and quality. Enphase microinverters are subjected to a rigorous reliability, safety and quality testing regiment of over one million hours, the equivalent of more than 100 years of test cycles. The Company’s microinverters are designed to be long-lived energy assets and perform well in Australia’s various microclimates, including heat, high humidity, coastal conditions, and cold.”

Enphase Energy Inc (NASDAQ:ENPH) bills itself as a company that, together with its subsidiaries, designs, develops, and sells microinverter systems for residential and commercial markets in the United States and internationally.

The company’s semiconductor-based microinverter system converts direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity at the individual solar module level.

It also offers energy storage systems, including its AC battery; and energy monitoring and control services.

The company sells its microinverter systems primarily to distributors, as well as directly to large installers through original equipment manufacturers and strategic partners. Enphase Energy, Inc. has a strategic partnership with Panasonic Corporation of North America for the development of AC modules.

“Enphase Energy has an enviable reputation in our market for reliability, safety and performance, and we are proud to have played a key role in helping them achieve this important sales milestone,” said Grant Behrendorff, managing director at AC Solar Warehouse in Australia. “In a market often characterized by low quality products, it is very nice to see Enphase thriving with a product focused on safety, quality and reliability.”

Enphase Energy Inc (NASDAQ:ENPH) pulled in sales of $134.1M in its last reported quarterly financials, representing top line growth of 76.7%. In addition, the company has a strong balance sheet, with cash levels far exceeding current liabilities ($206M against $143.6M).

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