The Corporate Responsibility Magazine Ranks Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) In The “100 Best Corporate Citizens List”

Xerox Corp (NYSE:XRX) has received recognition from the Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine, which is widely known for making analysis of best practices as well as nurturing a greener world. As a matter of fact, the top end company deserves this recognition considering the great efforts it has directed towards establishing programs that support a greener world. Asides from that, such programs also help towards the creation of inclusive and diverse workplaces.

There are a number of categories that the top magazine focuses upon in ranking the different companies. They include: climate change; environment; human rights; employee relations, financial performance; corporate governance; community support and philanthropy.

CR magazine over the years has been known to list only those companies with the capability to deliver to their commitments in regards to accountability and transparency. Business competition has grown wild in most of the top industries.

The Xerox Green World Alliance happens to be a deposit program that has for many years now supported the recycling of toner containers and cartridges. This progressive program has helped a huge deal towards keeping about 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills over the past two decades.

Xeros has over the years been a participant in the Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition, which is indeed a standards-based approach to monitoring health, labor and safety. Being a part of this coalition has been attributed to the shaping up of Xerox’s policy letter on human rights.

In the area of philanthropy, the provider has always focused on employee-driven volunteer efforts that help propel various projects in a timely manner. The community members are quite happy with such programs since they benefit in a great way. Much actually happens in terms of increasing the number of minorities and women following STEM, career paths and education.

In one of the interviews by some top news reporters, the company’s spokeswoman said that they had made tremendous steps forward in terms of growing to become a thriving company with great capabilities. They have innovated the general way in which the world connects, communicates and works. It hopes for a better tomorrow considering the plans it has in place and its commitment to implementing each.

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