Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Opens The Largest Supercharger Station Globally In Shanghai, China With 72 Stalls

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) has opened the largest Supercharger station in the world with around 72 charging stalls barely a month after its beats its record stalls with the Fresno, California station.

New Supercharger in Shanghai

The company opened the Supercharger station in Jing’an International Centre which is one of the fast-growing districts in Shanghai. The station has 72 V2 Supercharger stalls that can output around 150 kW. Most importantly the number of plugins at the station breaks the record previously held by the Fresno station. Interestingly the Fresno station employs the company’s latest supercharging tech of V3 superchargers with an output of 250 kW. The Fresno location uses 56 V3 chargers with total combined kilowatts of around 14,000.

Although the Shanghai supercharger station uses more chargers its total charging capacity is around 10,800 kW. The most notable aspect of the Shanghai station is the covering of the superchargers.

Tesla doesn’t depend on third-party charging networks, unlike most electric car manufacturers. The company decided to invest in charging networks to optimize the ownership experience. The EV maker designed the Supercharger network to facilitate long distant driving as fast city charging, there is also the Destination network for a slower charge in places such as restaurants and hotels.

Tesla enhancing ownership experience with more charging places

The most important advantage of the Supercharger network is that it has been designed for convenience with a plug-and-charge system enabling drivers to just plug their cars and it starts charging immediately. Tesla usually installs more charging stalls per Supercharger station compared to competitors. This is because unlike third-party networks the company doesn’t depend on the charging network as a revenue source. It rather aims for the Supercharger to add value to customers and enhance their Tesla ownership experience.

It implies that as other charging networks optimize the use of charging stations so that every station is optimally used, Tesla can afford to have unused stalls most of the time. This is important as it means that Tesla owners will always have a chance of having a place to charge.

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